Pony Trekking

What is pony trekking?

In layman’s terms, pony trekking is a riding trip that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It is travelled by pony, and will often visit sites of local interest and/or outstanding natural beauty.

How much does it cost?

This is a factor that is generally determined by the stable that you ride from, so check in advance.

Do I have to provide my own saddle and tack?

Again this is a factor dependant upon the stable, but for the most part they will provide for you, though if you wish to make use of your own gear, the majority of stables will be glad to accommodate you.

Are there more advanced treks available?

There certainly are, though these for the most part go under the name of “hacks” and are once more dependant upon the stable you ride from. Some provide a full range of treks and hacks, while others concentrate more exclusively on one or the other.

Who is pony trekking suitable for?

Anyone who can sit straight up on a pony! Treks tend to be very laid-back affairs, more akin to a guided tour on horseback than any arduous journey.

Where can I go pony trekking in the South West?

Why not take a look at our list of riding stables and schools in Devon or Cornwall and see if you can find one you like there? Don’t forget to read what others have to say with the click and say link under each entry.

So what’s the difference between trekking and hacking?

Hacks are intended for the more advanced riders. They cover rougher, more varied terrain which requires more skill than you’d need to go on a pony trek. Hacks sometimes take the form of over-night trips or longer, and as such are also more expensive.

Should I book in advance?

During the holiday season booking in advance is recommended. Outside the holiday season check to see what days and at what times the treks are being run anyway, just to be on the safe side.